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Popular Music: Studio Work N4-N6


This qualification is aimed at giving the learners technical, theoretical and practical knowledge required in studio work. This qualification enables the learners to be employed within the music industry as sound technicians and studio engineers or music producers.
The graduate will be able to enter the audio / music business as an effective professional in a number of roles on either the technical or business management sides of the music and broadcast industries: recording engineer, post production engineer, live sound engineer, studio manager, music business manager, audio film editor, or record company professional.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Record a full band (any kind of music) onto a professional, industry standard, Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Make basic decisions in terms of microphone choice and placement, audio editing and processing.
  • Use industry standard DAW’s to perform advanced tasks such as processing and mixing audio.
  • Perform basic MIDI programming demonstrating an understanding of musical arrangement.
  • Work on multiple projects towards a deadline and manage their own time and resources.

Course Modules

  • Music Business and style N4-N6
  • Arranging and production N4-N6
  • Electronic music and keyboard technique N4-N6
  • Sound engineering N4-N6

Admission Requirements

The following learning is assumed to be in place before enrolling:

  • Grade 12 certificate or an equivalent qualification
  • A national certificate: N3 or national senior certificate
  • Computer literacy
  • Music aptitude

What is the course duration and class schedule?

  • N4 – 6 months
  • N5 – 6 months
  • N6 – 12 months (incl. experiential learning)
  • Classes are scheduled 5 days per week (Full Time)